It’s no surprise that the fintech world moves quickly. Each time a new tech breakthrough arrives, or a new consumer need is identified, existing companies scramble to add new features while new fintech startups pop up around the world. Staying on top of the latest fintech trends can be challenging, but luckily there are a lot of great lists of startups to keep an eye on.

One list that caught my eye identified 39 fintech companies and startups to watch during 2020. In my opinion this is a great list, there are a lot of great companies on here and I want to congratulate them all for the success they’ve achieved. Here are just a few that I wanted to point out as exemplary examples of the fintech sector:


By offering personal loans and a credit card, Avant aims to give people better access to credit to improve their credit scores and cover unexpected expenses.


Opploans offers personal loans as an alternative to payday loans to help consumers avoid cyclical debt while also building credit history.


Affirm partners with a range of online retailers to give consumers access to credit for online purchases, allowing them to pay over time.


For small business owners, access to credit can be more challenging than personal lines of credit. Kabbage helps small businesses manage cash flow with lines of credit.


While many fintechs focus on consumers or businesses, Greensky aims to streamline the commerce between business and their customers through credit options.

Lending Club

Lending Club strives to offer alternative options for those looking for loans or funding and those looking to invest. Through their platform they enable peer-to-peer lending to accomplish both goals.


While it started as a lending service to help consumers consolidate student loans, SoFi now offers personal loans, investing and a range of other products to its users.


Yapstone seeks to offer businesses a streamlined digital payment solution to help them serve their customers better and increase their bottom line.

Each of these fintechs is succeeding in the marketplace not only because they provide an excellent product, but also because they have a high-performing team behind the scenes. If you’re looking to build out your team with the top talent in the fintech sector, contact me today to see what Martin Executive Recruiting can do for you.