Building a successful fintech is not to be taken lightly. And even though the best entrepreneurs make it look simple, it comes down to having the right team. Throughout each phase of growth, having the right mix of skills and drive on your team can propel your firm to the top of the industry. In this series of posts, I’d like to spend some time looking at a few of the main challenges fintechs face when hiring for their team.

Business Development

At launch, early adopters are the lifeblood of any fintech, and gaining that audience is not easy. Lasting success that will propel your firm to the top of the heap requires business development professionals who can take the momentum of your launch or major growth and convert that into increased adoption in your niche. Similar to fundraising, this takes a unique person who is hungry for the win, but also understands the unique fintech landscape, as well as what it takes to close a sale.

Beyond the thrill of the hunt, you need a person who knows how to work both the B2B and B2C markets depending on your target audience. While the fintech is relatively new, it is key to find specialists within the industry to drive the growth of your customer base, whatever growth stage you’re in. Many fintechs come to market with a very precise and singular goal, later pivoting to another niche after you gain unexpected interest. AT that point, there isn’t time to return to the drawing board and build a new audience plan, you need a sales team that can pivot and keep your growth moving forward.

While building the ideal team for any fintech requires a diverse team, you aren’t alone in your fight. Partnering with a specialized recruiter can take the stress of a talent search off of your plate. You can focus on innovation and future growth while a recruiter finds the best talent around for your team. If you’re ready to partner on your next talent search, contact me today.