As retirement rates are due to increase significantly over the next decade, according to census data, a void is appearing among middle management talent. This serves as poor timing for businesses as the pandemic acted as a catalyst for organizations to become leaner and more efficient, putting even more pressure on middle-level professionals to produce value. 

Heading into the future, one thing has become abundantly clear: to sustain success, companies must double down on developing, upskilling, and empowering the middle layer of their organization. In this blog series, we’ll explore just how you can do it. 

Developing Middle Managers to Sustain Your Success

Middle management has always served as a critical foundation to support senior-level direction and strategic initiatives. But as companies fought to survive during the incredible uncertainty of COVID, they emerged as leaner, more efficient versions of themselves. This means that middle managers will most likely have fewer direct reports and are thus relied on more heavily individually for results than before. 

For your middle managers to succeed in this environment, it’s time to put some intention into their development. But even with this growing impetus, a SHRM survey showed that middle managers were less satisfied with professional development programs provided by their employers than executives. Here are a few ways you can help bridge the gap: 

  • Help middle managers connect with a coach: Career coaches provide a bevy of uses for professionals looking to become more adept with their craft, including identifying gaps in skillset and working to overcome them, ironing out clear, attainable career goals, and boosting overall performance. 
  • Encourage middle managers to become mentors: One of the most often overlooked methods to become a better leader is to help others grow in their own leadership capabilities. Urge your middle managers to reach out to entry-level staff or new hires and take them under their wing; they may identify ways in which they can become better versions of themselves as they help others do the same. 
  • Promote innovation: To help middle managers summit any plateau they may think they’re in, create a culture that invites innovation and doesn’t shout down new ideas that may be considered “outside the box” or unconventional. 

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