As retirement rates are due to increase significantly over the next decade, according to census data, a void is appearing among middle management talent. This serves as poor timing for businesses as the pandemic acted as a catalyst for organizations to become leaner and more efficient, putting even more pressure on middle-level professionals to produce value. 

Heading into the future, one thing has become abundantly clear: to sustain success, companies must double down on developing, upskilling, and empowering the middle layer of their organization. In this blog series, we’ll explore just how you can do it. 

3 Strategies to Help Your Middle Managers Succeed

With so much of your organizational success depending on managers within your middle layer, it makes sense to put some intentional effort towards enabling your middle managers for success. Here are a few ways you can do just that:

  • Training with a purpose: Middle managers are beset on both sides; they must contend with the expectations of their superiors and the needs of their subordinates. But when are their needs accounted for? To avoid burnout, you can help facilitate training for crucial skills and address skill gaps. Middle managers are expected to help lower-level employees become leaders and to execute the strategies from proven leaders at the senior level; help them add the tools to become leaders in their own right. 
  • Recognize and celebrate their accomplishments: As their importance has increased, so too have the workloads and stress levels for middle managers. In fact, over the past 10 years, middle managers have 50% more direct reports. Furthermore, they also have the highest rates of anxiety and depression of any work group, according to a study of 22,000 full-time workers. Because of this, it’s critical for your organization to build a culture of recognition, celebration, and support to help show appreciation and respect for the hardworking professionals it employs. 
  • Connect them with coaches: Career advancement is one of the most commonplace concerns for middle managers. Show your commitment to their professional development by helping them connect with coaches or mentors, whether within your organization or without. Not only will they benefit by having a reliable resource to continually improve their craft, but you’ll also benefit by enjoying increased retention rates and more skilled managers. 

Providing a little extra support can be the difference between middle managers that burnout quickly and those that excel in their position and provide value for years. Show yours you care by investing in their success. 

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