The events of 2020 forced every single industry to innovate, adapt, and fight to survive amidst a near-unprecedented level of disruption and uncertainty. And FinTech was certainly no exception.

While already known for its rapid innovation and creativity, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated many of the already emerging trends within this space. This blog series will serve as a temperature-check on several of the most pressing trends in FinTech in 2021 and share some insight on what it all means for organizations (and their need for top talent) going forward.

Autonomous Finance

In a world where, each year, more and more work is done by machines, it may come as little surprise that financial decisions could be next in line on the march towards automation. 

Autonomous finance, backed by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, looks to relieve consumers of the more mundane, burdensome financial tasks and outsource them to algorithms. Recurring tasks like utility bill payments, insurance, and subscription services, instead of existing at the periphery of our awareness, could vanish from our to-do list altogether. 

But the true value and implications of autonomous finance arrives when one considers specialist services like investing with a brokerage service or saving through a personal-finance app also being completely automated without any loss of decision-making capability or value. 

As the technology backing autonomous finance inevitably improves, look for an increasing number of functions to fall within its capabilities—and an increasing number of consumers asking for it.   

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