The events of 2020 forced every single industry to innovate, adapt, and fight to survive amidst a near-unprecedented level of disruption and uncertainty. And FinTech was certainly no exception.

While already known for its rapid innovation and creativity, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated many of the already emerging trends within this space. This blog series will serve as a temperature-check on several of the most pressing trends in FinTech in 2021 and share some insight on what it all means for organizations (and their need for top talent) going forward.

Financial Literacy

Since its inception, the direction of the financial industry has been dictated by the needs and demands of its customers. And if the customer’s awareness of what fintech can offer them increases, fintechs are more equipped to meet those demands. Enter financial literacy. 

As it stands, research indicates that overall financial literacy, or the general awareness of fintech services, is glaringly low. But fintechs are hard at work to elevate those numbers. After all, customers who are financially literate are better with their money, and customers who are good with their money are more desirable for fintechs than customers who aren’t. By investing in their financial competency, fintechs “train” better customers and earn their loyalty long term. 

Currently, embedded finance programs are growing at an unprecedented rate and little suggests this will slow down anytime soon. 

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