The events of 2020 forced every single industry to innovate, adapt, and fight to survive amidst a near-unprecedented level of disruption and uncertainty. And FinTech was certainly no exception.

While already known for its rapid innovation and creativity, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated many of the already emerging trends within this space. This blog series will serve as a temperature-check on several of the most pressing trends in FinTech in 2021 and share some insight on what it all means for organizations (and their need for top talent) going forward.

Voice Technologies

In 2021, there are few things that consumers value more (or make buying decisions because of) than convenience. And fintech organizations are paying close attention.

Striving to make their products more attractive and instantly accessible, fintech is doubling down on voice technology. AI-powered voice assistants deliver more convenience and simplicity while also enhancing the protection of payments and information with the use of biometric data as an added layer of security. 

Currently, voice technologies can handle setting up recurring payments, improve the customer service experience, categorizing calls, and shepherding customers to the right places. As this technology improves and as Gen Z (with their increasing demand for chat-like platforms) occupies a larger and larger market share, expect voice technologies to increase in their functionalities and applications.

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